the sole representative for RENK Hannover


As the appointed representative for RENK Hannover products for the UK and Irish market, RBK Drive Elements continues the highest levels of support offered to customers across the last 30 years. Based in Worcestershire, the business is centrally located within the UK allowing easy access to all parts of the country. The strength in our partnership with RENK Hannover enables us to support our customers with the three main product groups, Horizontal Fluid Film Bearings, Vertical Fluid Film Bearings and Couplings.

RBK has extensive technical resources to hand, so RENK customers here in the UK and Ireland can feel secure in the knowledge that regional support is available. As a technical hub for the UK customer base, RBK manages it's own concise electronic database and hard copy library of historical, technical and commercial information stretching across the last 30 years of RENK product supply into the UK market, so any request can be answered accurately and efficiently.

Assisting our customers with selection of suitable fluid film bearings for their design or application is another part of the support we offer. Using hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculation packages, along with our product knowledge and experience of the market place, customers enjoy the security of knowing the correct bearings are being specified for each and every project.

So, whether you are a machine manufacturer requiring new RENK bearing assemblies or Elco couplings, an end user or parts purchaser requiring replacement parts for an existing electrical rotating machine, or you simply require technical assistance and a visit to your site, please contact us by phone, email or drop us a note using our 'Contact' page and we look forward to working with you.